Cooperação entre UEM e CANADÁ, parceria CANMETENERGY NRCan.

Responsável no Brasil – Prof. Dr. Nelson Guilherme C. Astrath (UEM) e no Canadá – Prof. Dr. Jun Shen (National Reserch Council Canada).

Descrição: Advanced combustion research aims to produce internal combustion engines with no NOx and no particulate matter emissions. This project will produce a database of thermophysical properties (e.g., D, k, Cp and dn/dT) and spectroscopic hydrocarbon analyses, thus generating knowledge of fuel chemistry critical to ensuring that advances in fuels processing and engines proceed in parallel. This project may find some key property parameters of fuels, which ultimately lead to a sensing device for on-line inspection/monitoring of fuel quality for advanced engine combustion technology. A spin-off could be an on-line, on-board sensor of fuel chemistry that provides information to the engine CPU and optimizes engine performance (i.e. efficiency) and minimizes emissions. The receptor capacity is combustion and fuels researchers initially, and engine manufacturers and fuel suppliers in the long term. The environmental benefit is future fuels and future engines with zero emissions. There are no other similar spectroscopic research projects specifically related to future diesel fuels in Canada. Through its contacts with US Department of Energy, CanmetENERGY has discussed the concept with leading US fuels researchers. Financiamento: U$ 10.000,00 anuais pelo CANMETENERGY NRCan.