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Seleção Mestrado e Doutorado

Seleção Mestrado e Doutorado de 04 a 31/01/2021
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Pós-doutorado PNPD/CAPES

Pós-doutorado PNPD/CAPES de 16/12/2020 a 27/01/2021
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Doutorado Sanduíche – PDSE/CAPES

Doutorado Sanduíche PDSE/CAPES
Inscrição: 25/01/2021 a 29/01/2021
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Seleção Aluno Não Regular

Seleção para Aluno Não Regular – de 18 a 21/08/2020
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XVIII Brazilian MRS meeting

22 a 26 de setembro de 2019 – Balneário Camboriú/SC/Brasil […]

X Método Rietveld de Refinamento de Estrutura

08 a 12 de julho de 2019 – Fortaleza/CE/Brasil […]

II Big Bang e la Teologia – Una Contesa.

Luiz Roberto Evangelista

Editora Classi, Paris, 112p, em italiano, 2016

Results for an electrolytic cell containing two groups of ions: PNP – Model and fractional approach

Marcelo K. Lenzi, Giane Gonçalves, Fernanda R. G. B. da Silva, Rafael S. Zola, Haroldo V. Ribeiro , Roberta Rossato, Ervin K. Lenzi,

Volume: 1, Editora: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG, 161 Páginas, Edição 2015

The book is devoted to recent developments in the theory of fractional calculus and its applications. Particular attention is paid to […]

A continuum description for cholesteric and nematic twist-bend phases based on symmetry considerations

Rafael S. Zola, Giovani Barbero, Lelids L., Michely P. Rosseto, Luiz R. Evangelista.

Liquid Crystals – Volume: 44; Issue:1 ; Pages: 24-30; DOI: 10.1080/02678292.2016.1229054

The recently discovered twist-bend nematic phase, N-tb, is a non-uniform equilibrium nematic phase that presents a spontaneous bend with a precession of the nematic director, n, on a conical helix with a tilt angle […]

Analysis of the Thermo-Reflectivity Coefficient Influence Using Photothermal Pump-Probe Techniques.

Vitor S. Zanuto, Otávio A. Capeloto, Marcelo Sandrini, Luis C. Malcarne, Nelson G. C. Astrath, Stephen E. Bialkowski.

Applied Spectroscopy – Volume:71 , Issue:5 , Pages: 1-7 , DOI: 10.1177/0003702816662888.

Recent improvements in the modeling of photo-induced thermo–optical–mechanical effects have broadened the application of photothermal techniques to a large class of solids and fluids. During laser excitation, changes in […]