Gustavo V. B. Lukasievicz, Nelson G. C. Astrath, Luis C. Malacarne, Leandro S. Herculano, Vitor S. Zanuto, Mauro L. Baesso e Stephen E. Bialkowski

APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY – Volume: 67; Issue: 10; Pages: 1111-1116; DOI: 10.1366/13-07068

A theoretical model for a time-resolved photothermal mirror technique using pulsed-laser excitation was developed for low absorption samples. Analytical solutions to the temperature and thermoelastic deformation equations are found for three characteristic pulse profiles and are compared to finite element analysis methods results for finite samples. An analytical expression for the intensity of the center of a continuous probe laser at the detector plane is derived using the Fresnel diffraction theory, which allows modeling of experimental results. Experiments are performed in optical glasses, and the models are fitted to the data. The parameters of the fit are in good agreement with previous literature data for absorption, thermal diffusion, and thermal expansion of the materials tested. The combined modeling and experimental techniques are shown to be useful for quantitative determination of the physical properties of low absorption homogeneous linear elastic material samples.