N. E. Souza Filho, V. V. G. Mariucci, G. S. Dias, W. Szpak, P. H. P. Miguez, E. H. Madureira, A. N. Medina, M. L. Baesso e A. C. Bento.

Applied Physics Letters – Volume: 103; Number article: 144104; DOI: 10.1063/1.4823986; 2013

Intravaginal devices composed of polyhydroxybutyrate/polycaprolactone blends incorporating progesterone were used over eight days in crossbred cow ovariectomized, and then analyzed with photoacoustic methods, measuring the absorption spectra, thermal diffusivity, and inspecting its degradation by means of scanning electron microscopy. The characteristic time found for progesterone release was TR ~ 53 h, and the typical time found for biodegradation was TB ~ 30 h. Morphological analysis complements the study showing that release of progesterone and biodegradation of the blend occurs on sample surface.