Maiara M. Taniguchi, Fernanda C. Zola, Veridiana G. Guimarães, Giane Gonçalves, Roberto Rossato e Rafael S. Zola

Acta Scientiarum. Technology – Volume: 36; Number: 4; Pages: 663-668; DOI: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v36i4.24419

The cell membrane is one of the most important structures of living organisms. This is due to the many functions attributed to it such as permeable selectivity, protection, anchoring to the cytoskeleton and so many others. Any change in the shape of the cell membrane may affect directly the properties and abilities. In this article, we study how defects in the liquid crystalline organization of a membrane can change its shape.  For performing this, we consider a membrane with orientational order, i.e., a nematic membrane, which can happen in biological membranes, nematic films and other systems and study how a defect in this order can change the shape of the membrane when the bending rigidity is considered. We find that depending on the ratio of rigidity and elastic constant, buckling of this membrane may happens and turn it into pseudo-spheres.