Ervin K. Lenzi, Luciano Rodrigues da Silva, Angel A. Tateishi, Marcelo K. Lenzi e Haroldo V. Ribeiro

Capítulo do livro: Perspectives and Challenges in Statistical Physics and Complex Systems for the Next Decade. Edited by VISWANATHAN GANDHIMOHAN M ET AL. Published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2014. ISBN #9789814590143, pp. 196-207. DOI: 10.1142/9789814590143_0011

The effects of an external force on a diffusive process subjected to a backbone structure are investigated. This analysis is performed by considering the system governed by the Fokker-Planck equation {∂ial _t}rho = {D_y}∂ial _y^2rho + {D_x}delta (y)∂ial _x^2rho – nabla \cdot ({ec F_rho }) with ec F = v_x + delta (y)v^prime_x,v_y. The equation is subjected to the boundary conditions rho(±∞, y; t) = 0 and rho(x, ±∞ t) = 0 with rho (x,y;0) = hat rho (x,y), where hat rho (x,y) is normalized. Applying the Green function approach, we obtain exact solutions and analyze the relaxation process through the mean square displacement evaluated for the x and y directions. Our results show an anomalous spreading of the system characterized by one or several diffusive regimes connected to anomalous diffusion and stationary states.