The Physics Graduate Program operates in more than 30 lines of research in basic and applied physics. The research lines are distributed in three different areas: Condensed Matter Physics, General Physics and Classical Areas of Phenomenology and its Applications. However, the dynamics in the investigation constantly leads to new areas of interest from social to biological systems. This is a result of the constant collaboration of our researchers with other departments at our institution, especially the departments of chemistry, biology, pharmacy and dentistry, as well as continued collaboration with other national and international institutions. Also, due the constant development of new technologies, huge effort has been made to be in the frontiers of knowledge. To help with that, our University offers plenty of equipment for the study of structural, microstructural (microscopic), spectroscopic, electrical, magnetic, optical and thermodynamic properties, among other facilities, for local development of high-resolution measurements. The program has financial support for the research and maintenance from Araucaria Foundation and National Agencies such as CNPq, CAPES, FINEP.