D. Z. Montanher, V. F. Freitas, D. M. Silva, F. J. Gaiotto, J. R. D. Pereira, L. F. Cótica, I. A. Santos, D. Garcia, J. A. Eiras, R. Guo & A. S. Bhalla.

Integrated Ferroelectrics – Volume: 174, Páginas: 201-2016 ,Issue: ,Doi:10.1080/10584587.2016.1196560

Piezoelectric transformers are devices able to raise an electrical input voltage with low energy losses. However, there are a few reports on the designing of multiferroic piezoelectric transformers. In this paper, an alternative bi-layer radial mode piezoelectric/magnetoelectric transformer approach by using a Nb doped (1 wt%) Pb(Zr)53Ti47O3 piezoelectric ceramic as actuator, and a La doped (5 wt%) (0.6)BiFeO3-(0.4)PbTiO3 magnetoelectric ceramic as transducer has been tested. The voltage gain and the efficiency were determined as a function of the frequency and the load test resistance. A typical response, characteristic of bi-layered radial mode solid-state transformer, with a voltage gain of 2.5 at a load resistance of 7 kΩ, and an efficiency of 0.15 at load resistance 1 kΩ, were obtained. The results showed the feasibility of such multiferroic transformer for some practical smart and multifunctional devices applications.