Nelson G. Castelli Astrath, Gustavo V. Bassi Lukasievicz, Luis C. Malacarne e Stephen E. Bialkowski

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS – Volume: 102; Issue: 23; Article Number: 231903; DOI: 10.1063/1.4809924

The surface displacement produced by radiation pressure and electrostriction forces is investigated considering the commonly accepted theories proposed by Minkowski and Abraham for the energy-momentum tensor. The contributions are modeled considering each effect separately assuming non-absorbing and absorbing solids and the thermoelastic deformation equations are solved numerically. We show that the surface deformation profiles as calculated by the Minkowski or Abraham momenta give different surface curvature, which could in principle be detected by measuring the surface displacement. Finally, an all-optical pump-probe photothermal method to detect the radiation pressure and electrostriction forces in transparent dielectric solids is proposed.