Vigência: 2011 a 2017. Instituição executora estrangeira: University of Texas at San Antonio – UTSA. Financiadora: National Science Foudation – Office of Special Programs – Processo nº 0844081.

Coordenadores: Prof. Dr. Amar S Bhalla (University of Texas at San Antonio) e Prof. Dr. Ruyan Guo (University of Texas at San Antonio). Participantes da UEM: Prof. Dr. Ivair Aparecido dos Santos e Prof. Dr. Luiz Fernando Cótica.

Objetivo: This project intends to establish a scientific exchange between the several research teams around the world to establish the International Multifunctional Materials Research Institute (IMMRI). There are a strong interest of faculties, postdocs, and graduate students to contribute and utilize the knowledge and technology base of IMMRI. Research facilities of the IMMRI, at those participating countries, will be promptly available for students and also scholars of IMMRI. This is important pioneering initiative for the dissemination of collaborative actions for the study and development of materials and multifunctional devices around the world.