Luis J. Borrero-González, Luiz A. Oliveira Nunes, Giselly S. Bianchi, Francine B. G. Astrath e Mauro L. Baesso

JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS – Volume: 114; Issue: 1; Article Number: 013103; DOI: 10.1063/1.4812373

Near-infrared (NIR) quantum cutting (QC) through downconversion (DC) in OH free Nd-Ybco-doped low-silica calcium aluminosilicate glasses (LSCAS) was observed. Luminescence and time-resolved measurements allowed the investigation of the origin of the Yb DC emission. Our results showed that only one NIR photon is emitted by the Yb ion through one-step energy transfer after excitation with a VIS photon absorbed by the Nd ion. However, after excitation with an UV photon absorbed by the Nd ion, two NIR photons are emitted by the Yb ion through two-step energy transfer. The Yb DC normalized intensities after excitation at 325 nm showed an increase of a factor of two compared to that of 514 nm excitation. In addition, theenergy transfer probabilities from Nd to Yb were estimated by analyzing the Yb DC kinetics. The overall results showed an efficient QC through DC process in Nd-Yb co-doped LSCASglasses, and the energy transfer mechanisms are discussed.