M. S. Figueiredo, Fabio A. Santos, Keizo Yukimitu, João C. Silos Moraes, Junior R. Silva, Mauro L. Baesso, Luiz A. Oliveira Nunes, Luis H. da Cunha Andrade e Sandro M. Lima

OPTICAL MATERIALS – Volume: 35; Issue: 12; Pages: 2400-2404; DOI: 10.1016/j.optmat.2013.06.041

Erbium doped tellurite glasses (TeO2 + Li2O + TiO2) were prepared by conventional melt-quenching method to study the influence of the Er3+ concentration on the luminescence quantum efficiency (eta) at 1.5 mu m. Absorption and luminescence data were used to characterize the samples, and the eta parameter was measured using the well-known thermal lens spectroscopy. For low Er3+ concentration, the measured values are around 76%, and the concentration behavior of eta shows Er-Er and Er-OH- interactions, which agreed with the measured lifetime values.