Junior R. Silva, Luis H. Cunha Andrade, Sandro M. Lima, M. P. Hehlen, Michel L. Yannick Guyot, Antonio Medina Neto, Luis C. Malacarne, Mauro L. Baesso e Nelson G. Castelli Astrath

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS – Volume: 102; Issue: 14; Article Number: 141910; DOI: 10.1063/1.4801838

Laser-induced thermal and population lensing effects in solid-state optical refrigerator materials are quantitatively evaluated. Time-resolved lensing transients in Yb3þ doped ZBLAN and aluminosilicate glasses are measured, and the model decouples thermal and population lensing effects. The analysis yields the net power density, the cooling efficiency, and important photo-physical parameters. The respective values are in good agreement with previously reported parameters for ZBLAN glass. Aluminosilicate glass is found to be a promising optical refrigerator material. We show that the measurement of laser-induced lensing is a valuable tool that can advance the characterization and optimization of materials for cryogenic optical refrigerators.