Fernando J. Gaiotto, Diogo Z. Montanher. Renan G. Nespolo, A. L. S. Freitas, Daniel M. Silva, José R. D. Pereira, Ivair A. dos Santos.

Integrated Ferroelectrics – Volume: 174, Páginas: 81-87, Isuue: 1 , Doi: 10.1080/10584587.2016.1192904

In this work, static magnetic field sensors based on the interaction between the Lorentz force and the direct piezoelectric effect were developed and characterized. The major components of these solid-state sensors are a piezoelectric/conductor laminar composite, formed by a PZT-5A ferroelectric ceramic disk placed between two thin conductive silver layers, and a single coil to generate a controllable oscillatory magnetic field. Design parameters, such as the length and number of turns of the coil, were investigated, and a spatial field resolution of 0.24 Oe/mm was typically observed.