R. Udayabhaskara, B. Karthikeyana, Muhamed Shafi Ollakkanb, R. V. Mangalarajac e Mauro L. Baesso

Chemical Physics Letters – Volume: 593; Pages: 1–6; DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2013.12.058

In this letter, we prepared and studied the plasmon, fluorescence and optical limiting properties of silver ion-exchanged glasses followed by an external thermal treatment for clusterization inside the glass matrix. TEM (Transmission electron microscopy) studies of the prepared samples provides information about the size of the nanoclusters, their size enhancement after TA (Thermal annealing) and supports the SPR band shape variations from the UV–Vis. absorption studies. Enhancement in fluorescence and optical-limiting (with excitation near to resonant value of the SPR) is ascribed to the amplified local field after metal nanocluster growth by thermal annealing.