Ivair A. dos Santos, Jaciele M. Rosso, Luiz F. Cótica, Taiana G. M. Bonadio, Valdirlei F. Freitas, Ruyan Guo, Amar S. Bhalla.

CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS – Volume: 16 , Páginas:1468-1472, ISSUE: 11, DOI: 10.1016/j.cap.2016.08.016

In this contribution, a promising environmentally friendly lead-free ferroelectric/polymer 0-3 composite, using polyvinylidene fluoride and barium sodium titanate niobate compounds, was synthesized and structurally and dielectrically characterized. The results suggest the complete formation of a 0-3 connected composite with enhanced dielectric properties, reaching a relative permittivity of 32 and a dissipation loss of 4%, at 1 kHz and 300 K, respectively. These dielectric features are associated with the intimate contact between the polymer and ceramic fraction in the composite that lead to the increase of the polar β-phase amount in the polymer fraction, at room temperature.