Rafael S. Zola, Hossein Nemati, Young-Cheol Yang, Deng-Ke Yang, Chao-Chiun Liang, Kung-Lung Cheng, Frank Shiu e Chen-Chu Tsai

JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION DISPLAY – Volume: 21; Issue: 1-3; Pages: 22-28; DOI: 10.1002/jsid.142

In this article, we report our study of a dual mode reflective cholesteric display, which works in the traditional bistable mode as well as in the new and fast monostable mode. Because both modes are compatible, they can be used according to the need for video or static images. The bistable mode operates between the reflecting planar state and non-reflecting focal conic state, both of which are stable at zero voltage. The bistable mode is suitable for displaying static images. In the monostable mode, it is operated on wrinkled cholesteric layers. It is fast and has low driving voltage, and can exhibit gray levels of reflectance determined by the applied voltage. The monostable mode is suitable to display video rate dynamic images.