Soutik Betal, Moumita Dutta, Luiz F. Cotica, Amar Bhalla e Ruyan Guo

Integrated Ferroelectrics (Print) – V: 166; Issue: 1; Pages: 225 -231; DOI: 10.1080/10584587.2015.1092653

Multiferroic behavior of magnetoelectric nanoparticles exhibiting both ferromagnetic and ferroelectric properties find significance in various applications. In this study, core-shell magnetoelectric nanoparticles (CSMEN) have been fabricated by coating CoFe2O4 nanoparticles with BaTiO3 by weight using hydro-thermal method. The core-shell structure was confirmed by electron microscopy and topographic scanning probe microscopic measurements were performed for further structural analysis. While magnetic force microscopy and ferromagnetic hysteresis loop measurements substantiated ferromagnetic behavior of the core, piezo response force microscopy confirmed ferroelectric behavior and single crystalline nature of BaTiO3 shell. As analyzed by TEM diffraction pattern both core and shell are in cubic phase with their respective diffraction spots depicting their single crystalline nature.